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Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is a beautiful island of the Dodecanese, located close to the Turkish coast. Due to the island's proximity to Turkey, Kalymnos ferry transportation is very easy.

The island stands out for its amazing rocking landscape that has made Kalymnos a top climbing destination! In fact, climbing in Kalymnos is such a popular activity that a climbing festival takes place on the island every year.

Kalymnos also has a long sponge making tradition. Even though the islanders don’t fish sponges for living anymore, you’ll find many sponge sellers at the beachfront of Porthia, the island’s capital.

Moving away from Porthia, you’ll find nice beach resorts, such as Myrties and Kantouni, where many Kalymnos hotels are located. You won’t have to try to find the perfect seaside village to spend your holidays in Kalymnos!